Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Fitting the Cowling Pt.5

Horizontal Hinge gets prosealed and clecoed up. I let the proseal dry before I did any riveting. Tip-Tape off the eyelets while applying proseal to the hinges. Remove the tape prior to clecoing the hinge.

Each hinge was flush riveted with 426 3-4 rivets. After riveting, I placed the pins in to check the fit. It's pretty tight, but I was able to get it in all the way. Tip-I rounded off the heads with a grinder and reamed the forward and aft holes with a long #40 drill.

My 1/32 gap is looking good all around.

Don't let the proseal get into the eyelets.

I'm not worried about the dark spots from the proseal. The cowl will be primed and painted soon enough.

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