Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fitting the Cowling Pt.4

Skybolt receptacles riveted to the firewall plates.
I'm fitting the horizontal split hinge in between the firewall plates. They will butt up against the two rivets on the firewall, as shown. You may also notice that I'm using a piece of -4 (top)and -5(bottom) hinge mated together here. This allows me to push the hinge up high enough to eliminate the saw tooth gap, at the split line, as seen on most RVs. Sam James provided this tip.

Horizontal hinges getting drilled for 426 3-4 flush rivets. I will proseal the hinge before riveting.
Here you will notice where the hinge pin strikes the firewall. I will drill a hole here that will allow me to push the horizontal hinge pin in from the cockpit. Pretty Slick! Stay Tuned for more!

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