Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fitting the Cowling Pt.6 Fiberglass!!!! Arrrrgh!

For each side, I layed up 6 pieces of 8-9 oz. fiberglass cloth. This will allow me to make a flange for two nutplates on each side. I used packaging tape and car wax to keep the top half from sticking. Tip- Be sure to roughen up the area that the fiberglass will adhere to with some sandpaper. Afterward, wipe clean with acetone.

The nutplates are installed. Looks pretty good!

Next, The inlet rings were fitted and taped in place. I followed this by pouring a slurry of resin and flox around the rings. The larger rings are waxed so they can be removed, the smaller ring is not waxed, therefore; it's permanent. I used some small shims(waxed),alum tape, and rtv to make a divider between the two halves. Hopefully, the two big rings will not be stuck after the cure time. *Note- I did the large inlet rings one at a time. The right ring is done in this picture and the left one is in the curing process, hence the .025 shim dividers.

Here is the right side, bottom half cowl, after removing the ring. I will need to trim and fill a small portion, but overall it's good to go! You will notice the keyed groove in the hardened resin. This keeps the ring in place and will allow a nice flush finish at the lip of the cowl.

*UPDATE- You only need to pour enough resin to fill the key. I poured to much here and ended up having to shave down the resin in order to get the hose clamps to fit correctly. See later photos.

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