Monday, January 21, 2008

Riveted the Top Right Skins

First, I clecoed the inboard skin on with the doubler underneath. Then, I moved on to the outboard skin. Remember to use hand seamers to slightly bend down the overlapping skin, where the edge shows, before you attach it to the skeleton. This will make for a nice flat finish when the skin is riveted on. Also, start riveting in the middle of each sheet and progress outward.

My neighbor Clint was nice enough to come over and help me rivet on both skins. Here is the nearly finished product. All I have left is the bottom row, which I can do myself with my pneumatic squeezer. Thanks a ton Clint!

Tip- tape the rivets in place, two or three at a time, to help the work progress quickly. These two sheets took about 4 hrs. to complete.

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