Monday, January 21, 2008

Finished Sealing Up The Right Tank!

Today I sealed up the last remaining piece to the right fuel tank, the access plate. I chose to seal the plate directly to the rib without using the cork gasket. I soaked and cleaned all of the screws and surface area with M.E.K. before applying the proseal. After the fitting and drying, I will test the tank for leaks.

As with the left tank, I ended up having to drill out most of the inboard leading edge assembly rivets and fabricate a .32 shim. After cutting, drilling, deburring, dimpling, priming, and installing the small 5 to 6" long shim, I reriveted the LE assembly together. All of this work was done in order to eliminate a little minor pillowing at the top outboard leading edge of the fuel tank. (where the joint plate meets the LE assembly) *Note- This is my aerobatic tank, don't forget to attach the fuel float sender wire before final install of the tank to spar. I've read that 20-22 awg wire is sufficient.

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