Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fuel Tank Leak ARRRRRRRGH!

Today, I finally decided to leak test the right fuel tank. First, I capped off the main fuel pick up line, then I connected balloons to the fuel vent and return lines. Finally, I wrapped a latex glove around the fuel cap and inserted the valve stem connector into the fuel drain.(see left tank for details)

Now for the bad part...... I commenced with the test. Using the valve stem connector, ordered from Vans, I slowly pumped air into the tank. The balloons slowly filled and I started to spray a soap and water mixture over the entire tank. Then I found it. On the top outboard corner of the rear baffle(one rib in from the fuel cap) there was a leak.

In the words of Micheal Stewart,"After doing all the work on the tanks... to find out there's a leak is like waking up with your left arm cut off. Extremely depressing."

Time to do some research on the fix........ At least I found it now, right?
It still doesn't make me feel any better.

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