Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fuel Tank Leak Fix

After doing a little research, I have discovered that about half of all builders have some sort of fuel tank leak on their first go round. Now, here is the tank repair that I have decided to try first. Special thanks goes out to Mike Stewart, as the idea came from his website.(http://www.mstewart.net/michael/rv/wings/tankrepair/tankrepair.htm)

Here's the Fix. -First gather up the tools shown above.
1)  pop rivet puller 2) Two AD-41H Closed End pop rivets 3) Bulb Syringes(cut the tops off to use as a straw) and/or a small medical syringe w/ 1/8" heat shrink tubing or small diameter straws 4) popsicle sticks and brush. 5) Acetone/MEK and rags

Mark where the leaks are coming from and drill a 1/8"hole(#30 bit) on the upslope side of where you will tilt the tank for drying.

Now, Mix up some proseal and thin w/acetone. Next, slowly suck or pull up the proseal and insert it into the tank holes. Do this several times in each hole and tilt the tank to allow the sealant to run over the leak, from the inside. Finish things off by applying some proseal to the pop rivets and riveting them in place.

Finally, anchor the tank in place, at a tilt, and connect an air hose with a low pressure setting. Let the air blow slowly through the tank for a few hours a day, for about three days. Now, disassemble everything and retest the tank.

Leak #2. Another fix:  1/2013 (Upper outboard seem on right tank).

I used a circle cutter to cut the outboard rib. I then drilled out the offending rivets, cleaned out the old proseal, reapplied proseal and rivets, and applied a fillet to all reachable seams.I finished off things by prosealing and pop riveting the solid cover plate over the access hole.  Note: (closed end pop rivets were used). Leak test Good, re-installed on a/c. ;)

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