Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Weight and Balance Numbers Are In!

Set Up: RV8 Weighed in Level Flight Attitude with the Canopy closed.
*Aerosport /ECI Titan ,Parallel Valve, IO-375 M1, 195+HP Motor with Oil.
*Hartzell Blended Airfoil CS Prop with a 2 1/2" Saber Prop Extension.
*Vans Landing Gear with Unfinished Wheel Pants and Fairings.
*Sam James Painted Cowl.
*Odyssey Battery on the firewall.
*Full Leather Interior and Carpet.
*Removeable 5 lb Fire Extinguisher mounted to Aft Baggage floor.(Mainly used as solo ballast)
*Approx. 3-5lb ELT mounted in the center, rear half of the fuselage.
*Epoxy Primer on the inside of all components, interior has also been painted.

Right Main Wheel-562                                   *Vans Datum 70" Forward of the leading Edge
Left Main Wheel -564                                    *CG Range  (FWD-78.70-86.82 AFT of Datum)
Tail Wheel- 47.4                                                      *Utility Gross-1800(utility cat +4.4/-1.75G)
                                                                                * Aerobatic Gross-1600(+6/-3.0G)  Va-135 range
Unofficial Total Empty Weight -1173.4  


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I've been watching this build for 2 years now and she's a beautiful bird. You're a lucky man to have built such a wonder piece of art. I can't wait for you to fly her. Keep it coming. We're living vicariously through you.

JT said...

Thanks for the kind words!