Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Checking the Fuel System

Test Line returning fuel to the Left Tank. Jumper cables were used to ground the plane to the hangar, via the exhaust pipes. 

Intial fuel testing was done with 10 gals of avgas.  We ran some 3/8 tubing ,with a clear auto fuel filter, from the firewall fitting back to the tanks. Using the electric back up pump, we checked the Left and Right Systems, making sure there were No leaks, No trash, and No air coming in.
*The plane, truck, and fuel hose were all grounded.
 *Special Thanks to RVer Jeff Johnson for helping me through this phase of the project! 
Jeff helped me trouble shoot a leaky fuel line. Turns out, my left tank to fuel selector line was a hair short.  As a result,  a AN sleeve pulled the flar through ,ruining the fit and drawing air into the line. No wet leak was seen, just a faint fuel smell! This was detected by constant air bubbles in the clear fuel test line. We elected to make a new 3/8 line using 5052 alum tubing. This is much better than the cheap crap Vans supplies you with in the kit.
Next, we made sure the main line from the firewall to the induction servo was clear. Final testing involved the servo to injector spider line. I'm happy to report, All is Good!      - Ready for the First Start!

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