Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Fiberglassing the forward Windscreen Pt.2

Nice! It came out better than I anticipated! I will etch and prime the top metal bezel soon.
Ahhh, all done! Well, until final paint...

Here you can see how the top metal bezel fits over the fiberglass fairing. It turned out very nice!
After sanding the final clear resin, I filled in any leftover pin holes and sprayed filler primer. After the primer dried, I sanded the fairing with 320 grit sandpaper and repeated the process once more. Finally, I pulled the last layer of electrical tape off with the help of a straight razor.
*(Not shown),I drilled several 1/8" holes, countersunk them, then installed CS-4-4 Blind Rivets at 4"spacing. This should help give the fiberglass fairing a mechanical bond with the top skin. The holes were then filled in with West Systems Resin and 410 filler. After everything dried, I sanded with a medium grit, then applied a squeegeed layer of clear resin.

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