Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Gear Legs Are On!

The Landing Gear Legs are finally Done! This was a huge task that I've been dreading for months. Take your time, be methodical, and it will go together as per the plans. Make sure you have a variety of sockets,extensions, and wrenches handy. Thanks a million Lee B. for all of your hardwork and expertise in this portion of the project. I think we used every socket and wrench known to man.
Here we are finishing up.
We had to temporarily remove two screws, from outside the fuselage, that go into the gear boxes.
A small portion of the bottom skin had to be removed in order for the bolt heads to pass and line up.
See the 3 bolt heads? The third one from the left, closest to the outboard, had to be temporarily removed in order to hold the landing gear backet nut inside the box.
Look close! Here are the two fuselage gear box screws that needed to be temporarily removed in order to get the landing gear bracket nuts and bolts tightened and torqued up.

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