Monday, July 16, 2007

Rib Prep

This process seemed to take forever. After all of the ribs had been final drilled(for the spars), fluted, straighted to 90 degrees, and debured inside and out, I had to do this,Scuff and etch. But wait, before that could be done, I had to remove all of the stickers that had the labelling numbers on them. What a pain. I also had to use rubbing alcohol and a rag to get the adhesive from the stickers off the ribs. Let me say it again, what a pain! I used a scotch brite pad to scruff the inside and outside of all 28 ribs. This was followed by prepping the leading edge ribs the same way. I then took an electric pencil and lightly etched the ribs so I could see the order after I primed everything. After that, I set up shop outside and Alumipreped(acid etch) and Alodined everything. Needless to say, today was a long day. About 8hrs of work.

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