Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Gotta Love Fly- Camping!

                    Recent Fly-In and Camping trip to Blue Mountain Airpark. We had a blast!

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Tailwheel Upgraded and Powdercoated

The tailwheel section has finally been completed. We had a local shop cover the parts with a black powder coat and I ditched the draggy springs for the new RV Rocket Steering Link.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

We flew the 8 to Key West, FL!

After stopping in Naples for some cheap fuel, we headed on down the coast and launched off toward Marathon, Fl.

Once we hit Marathon, we turned SW and tracked the Overseas Hwy to Key West.  Here is a pic of the famous Seven Mile Bridge along that route.
After landing, Lori is in disbelieve that we are here. She can't believe that we just flew 750sm in an airplane that was built in our basement! We turned a 15hr car drive into a 4 hr flight. :)
I must admit, I'm still amazed at how Awesome this aircraft really is.  It truly is a "Total Performance" aircraft. 

The Kids Love the 8!

Ava (9)

Ford (6)
* The ACS Booster seat works great!  I bought the largest one they made. 

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My wife's first ride in our Van's RV8!

Lori finally got her first first ride this past weekend. Yes, she was extremely nervous, but after a good preflight brief, I assured her all would be well. I kept the plane straight and level and very smooth, as her happiness is key to the aircraft's future. After flying for :30 mins her anxiety began to drop and she started to enjoy the ride.  Upon landing she was very impressed with the speed and time in which it took us to get to Nashville.  What would have normally taken over 4 hrs in a car only took us 1hr. in the plane:)   (With a power setting of 23"/2300 we made KVPC-KJWN in exactly 1hr./163NM w/a dog leg around the BNA class C airspace)

The first overnight away from the home nest...

Here, our 8 is all put to bed in Nashville,Tn.  A lot of rained moved through the following day, but thanks to my Vans/Cleveland Canopy Cover and Bruce's Custom Cowl Plugs, everything fared extremely well! :)

The Wheel Pants

The wheel pants and fairings re-installed. Sweet!
I will paint them and the aircraft in the near future..
A shot of the pants after spraying the final layer of high build primer.
My good buddy Jeff is applying a coat of epoxy primer as the first layer.
Here are the pieces after many hours of fitting,trimming, and sanding with 80 grit.

The process:
1) Trim and Fit
2) Sand with 80 grit
3) Apply a layer of epoxy resin, with acetone mixed in, to help fill pinholes.
4) Sand again with 80 grit
5) Apply Epoxy primer, then first layer of high build primer
6)Sand with 180 grit
7) Apply final layer of high build primer
8) In the future... Sand again, prime, seal, and paint. Ugh!

Leather Seats Kids Booster Seat!

 I found this portable booster seat at ACS.  They come in a variety of sizes and colors... It should be perfect for the kids!

 *Note- The interior floor has had carpet installed and the rear side panels have been wrapped in leather.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The 8's First Time on Grass!

Mountain Airpark! 

We had a great time today at Mountain Airpark in Cleveland,Ga. In addition to the 8 getting some grass time, I got a Bucker biplane ride from my friend Gordon Clement.  Thanks Gordon!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Phase 1 Testing in Progress

I have a 40 hr fly off, so thanks for being patience.  Initial test are going well, the aircraft is amazing!