Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Wheel Pants

The wheel pants and fairings re-installed. Sweet!
I will paint them and the aircraft in the near future..
A shot of the pants after spraying the final layer of high build primer.
My good buddy Jeff is applying a coat of epoxy primer as the first layer.
Here are the pieces after many hours of fitting,trimming, and sanding with 80 grit.

The process:
1) Trim and Fit
2) Sand with 80 grit
3) Apply a layer of epoxy resin, with acetone mixed in, to help fill pinholes.
4) Sand again with 80 grit
5) Apply Epoxy primer, then first layer of high build primer
6)Sand with 180 grit
7) Apply final layer of high build primer
8) In the future... Sand again, prime, seal, and paint. Ugh!

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