Thursday, June 09, 2011

MK3 Injected Filtration RAM Air Induction System

Here is the NEW James Aircraft induction system. This kit protects your investment by providing full-time filtered RAM air, while increasing manifold pressure. This means I should able to go even faster and higher with better fuel economy. Sounds like a winner right? It even has provisions for alternate air downstream of the filter. Sweet! Now, let's see how it all goes together.... *Note- The metal parts had to be fabricated.

The top two bolts are 1/4 x20 drilled socket head type from McMaster- Carr. The bottom two are the standard hex type and needed to be shaved slightly for the fit. *See why below.

*Note- The added metal plate underneath the bolt heads is for additional support and not called for in the instructions.

K&N High Performance Filter in place. *Note-You will need to shave the flange of the filter with a bandsaw, then clean it up with a belt sander.

RAM AIR Induction system in place. I painted it with some white high temp Rustoleum paint, good to 1200deg F.

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