Friday, June 17, 2011

The Hidden Hinge Oil Door Pt.1

With the push of a button, the spring loaded door pops up and allows perfect access to the dip stick. Nice!

The .025 doubler is prosealed and riveted into place. The top of the doubler hangs out an 1/8", while the sides are 1/4". The inside portion is 1/2" all around. *Note- The open hole portion of the pic is showing a piece of carpet laying on the support table.

I added a .032 mild steel doubler, to the bottom, as a striker for the camlock.

Here is my 5"x5" oil door. The door itself was fabbed out of .050 alum. *Tip- Save the fiberglass cut-out door as a template to get the alum door bent correctly. Also, be careful with your trimming, as you want a nice fitting door that locks tight.

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