Thursday, June 03, 2010

Upgrade to the Canopy Latch Handle

Still waiting on the engine............So, I decided to tweak the canopy handle. I started off by rounding the edges with a belt sander and scotchbrite wheel. Then, I followed up by polishing the piece with a small dremel buffer and a little Nuvite "S" cream. Finally, I upgraded the cs #8 screw with a #10 socket head cap screw.
Here is the "BEFORE" pic of the handle.

Update: I trimmed off the little tab, fwd of the handle, on the top canopy skirts.
And here is the "AFTER" pic. As you can probably tell, I'm very pleased with the end result.


Bob Ellis said...

Lovely work JT. I was going to get mine anodized but you have changed my mind as this looks great. Rgds Bob(UK)

Bob Ellis said...

Lovely work on the handle JT. I was going to anodize mine but you have changed my mind! Regards Bob (UK)

JT said...

Thanks Bob. I was amazed at how well the canopy latch turned out. It didn't take much time at all. After you finishing shaping yours, just add a little aluminum polish and buff it off. It's that easy. My engine just showed up. Gotta run!