Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oil Cooler Arrives...

Well, after an exhaustive amount of research, I decided to buy a 9 tube Niagara (Stewart Warner Style) oil cooler directly from Niagara Air Parts. Part#20003. Why?
1)Because I have a NEW IO-375 pumping out nearly 200hp, I live in a Hot summer climate zone, and I've been warned about a Positech.
2)Many builders have also reported overheating issues, in hot climates, with the 7 tube one Vans sells. I also looked into buying the 13 tube one offered, but it's mainly for IO-540s and won't fit on the baffle.
3)All of my research has lead me to belive that the Niagara oil cooler is nearly as good,if not as good, as a true Stewart Warner cooler at half the cost.

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