Friday, January 08, 2010

My Custom Relay Tray

Here is the aluminum tray after the intial drilling,bending, and fitting. It's held in place with 3 #6 screws/mini-nutplates on the fwd main spar flange and 2 #8 screws doubled to the fwd L seat ramp support. I also drilled out holes to eliminate any interference with the existing main spar rivet heads. The black dotted line represents where I initiated a slight bend down to keep everything nice and flush. finally, I bent up the fwd and aft ends for added support.
After paint,everything was reinstalled. The relay boards(blue)were stacked as well as two of the 3 teriminal strips. The top relay is used to speed up or slow down the trim motor, while the bottom relay is used to control the electric elevator trim on both pilot stick and panel rocker. I had to buy 2 IN4001 diodes, as per the Ray Allen diagram, to make both switches work together. The molex connectors allow for easy removal in the event something fails in the future. The inspiration for the tray came from Mike Stewart's super8 page. Thx Mike. *click pic to zoom in.
Forward view looking aft. The tray is hidden under the forward seat ramp. Anti-chafe tape was applied to the small lip flanges.

All hidden with easy access.

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