Monday, June 15, 2009

Canopy Work Continues....

#40 holes are opened up to #30. A plexidrill was used on the glass. Everything was deburred, both sides, and clecoed back up.
Then I checked all holes w/a pop rivet and made any adjustments. Next, I applied a few temporary flush rivets to hold the canopy in place while the skirt gets fitted. They will be drilled out later when final riveting is to be done. Be careful! Be sure to use AACQ 4-4 rivets and not the CS4-4 rivets, for the canopy. One rivet every 12" or so and a couple in the back to pull everything tight. I followed this by drilling the bottom rails and ribs out for the skirt. #40, then#30. deburr. The skirt will be fitted tomorrow.. Holes in the skirt will be located w/a hole finder and template.

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