Friday, April 17, 2009

Flaps Get Fitted to the Wing!

Well I spent most of the day today getting the flaps all lined up and trimmed to perfection.
Udo came by once again to help ease my frustrations and lend a hand. This is definitely a two man job. I waited until the wings and ailerons were mounted to drill the wing side of the flap hinge.

Flap in the up position. The inboard edges needed a little triming. We used a die grinder w/a scotchbrite wheel and files to do the job
Trailing edges all lined up. This is the real challenge.
I removed several eyelets and installed a hinge pin in both the outboard and inboard sections. I will drill two small holes and safety wire the ends down. They are only accessible when the flaps are all the way down.....
Wing side of the flap hinge all drill and clecoed in place. Be sure to back up your drilling with a piece of wood to get nice straight holes... We also had to temporarily safety wire the flap brace down to aid in getting the hinge lined up. Yes, a real pain. Glad it's done!

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