Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wing Incidence is Set!

Here, a guide is being used to ensure a perfect drill. *Use core drills and/or reamers to get it up to the right size.
We used tape to mark off the edge distance required and drilled a #30 pilot hole.

We cut the block spacer slightly bigger than what the plans call for and used a file and sander to shave it down to 2" 51/64. (Yeah, I know..that is a ridiculous measurement). Then we layed the level and board exactly on the fwd part of the main spar flange and rear spar. Next we moved the rear wing up/down to center the level and clamped it into place. *Note-The picture is a reenactment of the actual setting, the spacer block maybe off a hair.

First, we verified everything was level all around. We checked the fuselage longerons and aft deck too. Next, we rechecked everything again.. Then, we squared the wings and checked for sweep by dropping 4 plum bobs off the wings. Next, we marked a piece of tape then placed it directly underneath the plum bobs. This made the checking of the horizontal straight line much easier...
Here is a link to ease the Wing Incidence process- http://vansaircraft.com/pdf/Wing_%20Incidence.pdf

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