Friday, January 23, 2009

Fabricated Rudder Cable Exit Fairings

Here is an idea I got from Sam Buchanan's website. I created my own rudder cable exit fairings from .20 aluminum. Start by measuring out the dimensions, on a 4" piece of alum, as shown.

Next trim the outside borders and bend it 90 degrees at the centerline. Hand seamers work well. Then bend the 7/16" marks on each side, to 45deg the opposite direction.
Next align the fairing on the aft fuselage and mark holes for the rivets. Now,Remove and drill/debur the holes and flatten the forward tips. Follow up with Priming the parts and pop riveting the pieces to the fuselage. I used LP4-4 rivets and sealed the pieces w a little RTV.

Finished product. Not bad for free fairings....

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