Friday, October 10, 2008

More Skin Riveting..

Looking good! I am almost completely done with the fuselage skins. All that's left is the forward bottom skins
Today Lee B. came over and helped me finish riveting the right and left bottom center skins. We also tackled the rivets surrounding the wing spar insert area. Thanks for all of your time and help Lee!
Rivets around the wing spar insert on center fuselage. Some of these rivets were a real challenge to buck, but we managed and all is well. Notice some of the proseal that oozed out in between the skin and doubler? Fuselage is still inverted...
Fuselage center section all riveted. Ahhhh!

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Anonymous said...

Hello JT,
Great job, Your project advances fast
Thank for many pictures I look them
With a lot of attention !


RV8 Paris French