Friday, September 19, 2008

Fay Sealing

Well I did it. I decided to proseal the forward section longerons, gear box plates,gear box spacers, and center section plates to the skins. All the techs at work agreed this would be a smart move. I know Vans directions don't call for it, but it will add strength and help prevent corrosion. Very little weight will be added in return. Here everything, except the lower longerons, have been sealed and clecoed up. I will have to wait until the bottom skin is added to seal the Lower longerons..
Spar area and overlap sealed.
Make sure you pop rivet the two bottom holes, on both sides of the wing spar now. It would be extremely difficult to do this in the future..
Skin clecoed around the temporary wooden spar.
Everything clecoed up and drying.

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