Friday, May 16, 2008

Center Section Assembly Complete

(Front view looking Aft) Here you can see the Forward Control Mount that I had to fabricate from aluminum angle. It is held together with two bolts(shown) on the front side of the center section. Click on the pic for a closeup.
The temporary wooden wing spars are exactly 1 and 7/16
thick. I screwed two pieces of plywood together then added a thin aluminum shim spacer to get the correct width. I also bought some 4" long 1/4 Home Depot bolts for the trial fitting of the center section pieces. I don't want to use the "close tolerance" NAS bolts until final wing install. (Aft view looking forward) Here you can see the seat belt attach lugs sticking out of the top center section. I also installed the black bushings for future wire routing.

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