Thursday, December 13, 2007

Riveted Right Main Ribs to the Right Main Spar

Time to get the Right Wing up to speed with the Left Wing. The good news is that I've already prepped the majority of the right wing parts when I did the left wing.
First, I clecoed everything up. I Made sure I got all the ribs in their correct positions. Then I put protective tape on the doublers to prevent any damage while riveting.

Here, Greg H. and myself rivet all the main ribs to the main spar.
*Tip- Don't use an offset rivet shank. Use the straight one and just slightly bend the ribs to the side while riveting. You will get much better result and save time. Also, make sure you a have an air regulator inline with the rivet gun. It helps out, as you will need to adjust more pressure for the longer rivets inboard.

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