Sunday, August 05, 2007

Riveting The Main Ribs To The Main Spar

Clint , a neighborhood buddy of mine, came over to help me buck some rivets. He is a triathlete that has a little automotive riveting experience. Good enough for me! He did mention that this project was on an entirely different level of precision than what he was used too. "Oh well", I said, and explained to him the basics of aviation riveting. Be sure to rivet the main spar first and protect the spar doublers with tape. I also wrapped the bucking bar sides with duct tape to aid in spar damage prevention. We started with the shorter rivets and worked our way inward toward the longer ones. You will need to increase the pressure slightly on the gun regulator for the longer rivets . Be sure to clamp down the spar, as you don't want anything to slide around during the process. -*Note- The outside rib does not get riveted the Main spar at this time.

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