Thursday, August 09, 2007

Here you can see the side of the main spar I bolted in place. I fabricated two 5" angle aluminum brackets to mount the skeleton in place. As for where to put the bolt holes, I started off by enlarging the tooling hole on the outboard main rib. I then leveled the angle and drilled another hole to the left. The final step was to drill and bolt the angle to the jig arm and ensure everything was level, once again. *Drilling two 1/4" holes in the main rib at this location will not compromise the strength of the rib. Update-Despite building the jig according to Vans plans, I had to cut a small "V" in the inboard spar support brace(painted yellow) to allow for skin overhang on the wing skeleton. I had planned for this on the other three sides, but there was no way around it on this one. This seems to be a common issue with many builders. At first I thought this move might jeopardize the jig support strength, but soon realized that I have a strong brace underneath the rear spar here anyway. Carry on!

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