Saturday, July 28, 2007

Disassembled the LEdge & FTank Except Outside Ribs and Baffle

While working on the Z Brackets(see next pic) that bolt to the main spar and fuel tank baffle I realized that Vans directions did not guarantee a tight fit b/w the FTank and LE assembly. After doing some research, I decided on another method that would assure a perfect fit. -After the LE assembly was clecoed in place, I drilled out and bolted the Fuel Tank Z brackets to the spar. I then slid the Fuel Tank assembly into place, on top of the joint plate, and established a 0 degree gap b/w the two(as shown in previous pic). I then match drilled the two outer FT ribs to the Z brackets and clecoed them in place. I then removed the LE and FT assembly leaving only the two outer FT ribs and FT Baffle. Next, I match drilled through the FT baffle into the internal Z brackets and clecoed them together, thus establishing a Perfect fit across the leading edge of the wing. Sounds confusing and believe me it was.... Now you get to final drill all of the skin holes. Yes, the wing jig is coming soon....

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