Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tools for Wing Rib Prep

Getting ready to prep all of the wing ribs. Tools needed,(From the top), Hand Seamers - to straighten the flanges to 90 degrees, (Bottom Left to Right), Fluting pliers- Round edge and Curved Jaw- The first type is used mostly on straight ribs, the second type on leading edge or curved type ribs. Fluting is the term used to describe the process of kinking the ribs in between holes to flatten the ribs. Next is a die grinder with a 3m scotch brite wheel on it. I used a die grinder to debur the insides of the ribs and the 6in 3m wheel on a bench grinder for the outsides. Finally, I used a dremel tool with a smaller buffer type wheel to clean up any smaller burs. The idea is to debur and straighten the ribs as best you can in preparation for wing assembly.

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