Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tie Down Brackets

Next step was to attach four plate nuts, two on each side of the inboard spar. It was similar to the others, so no pic. Now the plans call for fabricating two tie down brackets. Vans gives you the Alum stock to work with, but you get drill out and install four plate nuts and several AN3 bolt holes on each one. You also get to fabricate four spacers (not shown)that attach to the brackets and act as support b/w the spar doubler and brackets. After all the drilling be sure to debur and scuff (scotch brite)everything. I also had some friends from work help me tap out the eye bolt threads. Thanks guys!. Here are the brackets ready for primer. They will soon be bolted onto the spars along w/ the bell crank hinges. * Note-Be careful not to rivet the brackets to the spars.

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